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Brief Introduction
Top Management of PTAC

China Postal and Telecommunications Appliances Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "PTAC") was established in 1964 and successively administrated by the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, the Ministry of Information Industry, as the backbone of the central enterprise sub-enterprises and the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission.

In December 2009, PTAC reorganized and merged into China General Technology (Group) Holding Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "GENERTEC"). PTAC now is continuing to play an important role in the chain of telecommunications as a state-owned enterprise as well as affiliates of GENERTEC.

Link Supply and Demand, Integrator of Communication Supply Chain

PTAC, as a state-owned enterprise, is committed to serving the national strategic layout. As a distribution solution provider in full-service scenarios, PTAC has its own convenient distribution network for mobile terminals and electronic products with a variety of business operation capabilities which can provide customers with distribution services in different regions both in domestic and overseas.

PTAC has its own professional logistics system along with professional regional distribution centers in reasonable layout. It maintains good cooperative relations with land transportation, shipping and airlines and can provide multi-mode and multi-combination warehousing logistics services from upstream suppliers to downstream channel providers and retailers.

Extended business, the showcase of global technology trends

PTAC is the organizer and official partner of several international top-level exhibitions. It has decades of domestic and overseas professional exhibition organizing capacity and brand management, public relations communication, media placement, creative design and other integrated marketing services. It has played an important role in the international exhibition organization of the ICT industry and has become the "Logo of China" on the stage of the world science and technology exhibition. PTAC has committed to serve the “One Belt, One Road” national strategy to help Chinese companies go global and promote exchanges and cooperation between the international economy and technology.

Linkage Front, practitioners of the Internet of Everything

In the field of communication engineering construction business, PTAC has the first-class qualification of general contracting of communication engineering construction issued by the Ministry of Construction, and the first-class qualification of information communication network system integration issued by China Association of Communication Enterprises. It can undertake all kinds of telecom construction projects nationwide and provide customers of project planning, design, equipment configuration in telecom network construction for various basic networks, service networks and support networks as well as operational support services for operations selection, software development, project testing, etc.

In the MVNO field, PTAC is an experienced MVNO in operational platform mode innovation and IoT application in-depth integration of the resale enterprise. It has its own independent and nationwide integrated mobile service support system, which can provide competitive customized business package to serve the national economy and people's livelihood in the field of open MVNO.

At the same time, PTAC can also provide customized packages with competitiveness that can be tailored for customers to serve the national economy and people's livelihood in the open field of virtual operators' communications.

Over the past 50 years, PTAC has brought into play the sense of social responsibility and mission of central enterprises. It has focused on the field of telecom and advancing along the development path of specialization, marketization and internationalization. PTAC is striving become a professional integrated service provider in telecommunications and electronic products supply chain with international competitiveness.

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